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Referral Programme Refer Your Friends
And Earn
Get Additional Income Up To RM2,250 and more

What is Referral?

Our referral programme is where you introduce new members to join the Publisher community of ACCESSTRADE Malaysia. When the new Publishers referred by you generate clicks or approved commissions, you will be rewarded accordingly.

This programme offers the opportunity for you to gain extra income just by referring your friends, families or anyone at all to our platform, other than just executing affiliate marketing campaigns.

Benefits of our Referral Programme
Earn extra side income through commissions
Earn together with friends and families
Gain experience and build your personal brand as an affiliate marketer
How to Calculate Referral Commission

Actions done by your referee (the person you invited) will determine the referral commission that you will obtain.

Actions By Referee (Person you invited)
One-Time Reward Obtained By Each Referee (Person you invited)
Referral Commission Obtained By Referrer (You)
Accumulated Referral Commissions (You)
Actions by Referee (Person you invited)

One-Time Reward Obtained By Each Referee

(Person you invited)

Referral Commission Obtained By Referrer


Accumulated Referral Commissions

Referee generates 1 click on any affiliate campaign
Referee generates 1 approved conversion
Referee generates RM50 worth of approved conversion
Referee generates RM150 and above worth of approved conversion in one month
20% of total approved conversion generated by referee
RM1,800 (Assuming that your referees obtain RM150 of approved conversion per month for 6 months in a row)
TOTAL : RM2,250 (Assuming you have 10 referees)
  1. When 1 click on any campaign affiliate link is generated by the referee, both the referee and referrer will get RM5 referral commission each.
  2. When 1 approved conversion is generated by the referee, the referrer will get RM10 referral commission.
  3. When RM50 worth of approved conversion is generated by the referee, the referrer will get RM30 referral commission.
  4. When RM150 and above worth of approved conversion is generated by the referee in ONE month, the referrer will get 20% of the total approved conversion.
  5. This referral commission system will only be ongoing for the FIRST 6 MONTHS starting from the referee publisher account sign up day.
How To Participate ?
  • Step 1
    Sign up to become an ACCESSTRADE Publisher if you are not one yet.
    Sign Up Now
  • Step 2
    Access to Publisher account dashboard, click "Referral" tab and select "Invitation URL".
    Invitation URL
  • Step 3
    Copy the Invitation URL and share it on your own social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blog, etc) to invite other people to sign up as a Publisher of ACCESSTRADE.
    Share URL
  • Step 4
    On the dashboard, select "Referee Report" under "Referral", to track the number of publisher sign-ups coming from your invitation URL and the commissions obtained.
    Check Report
Referees must click on your Invitation URL to sign up for an ACCESSTRADE publisher account. The URL has its own unique code which helps ACCESSTRADE recognize your referee.
Yes, you will still get paid, as long as your referee has generated one click on his/her own campaign affiliate links. Check out the commission calculation flowchart for more details.
Yes, you will obtain different amounts of referral commissions, based on the amount of approved conversions generated by your referee.
A conversion is a condition that occurs when an individual acts such as purchasing, registering or installing an application from an affiliate link that the publisher has posted on their owned media. Every conversion that occurs will be recorded by the system and appear on the ACCESSTRADE publisher dashboard. An approved conversion is a conversion that matches the target of the campaign and has been validated by the advertiser.
Your approved commissions will be transferred to your registered bank account within 45 days after the validation/account closing on the 10th of every month. Once you have reached the minimum payout of 60 MYR for Malaysian publishers and 150 USD for overseas publishers, the payment will be transferred automatically, and no invoice is required.
Yes, it is possible. If ACCESSTRADE finds you violating our general regulations and policies, we will cancel your commissions. List of regulations and policies are as below.
General Regulations And Policies
Prohibited Cases:
  1. It is strictly forbidden to use images of ACCESSTRADE including logos, brand names, images belonging to the system for personal use of selling courses or other activities that cause users to pay fees.
  2. Usage of false / exaggerating propaganda or misleading ACCESSTRADE information / services to manipulate users to become a Publisher is strictly prohibited.
  3. Cases of cheating, deliberate fraud, fraud, information that adversely affect the brand are strictly prohibited.
  4. Actions of cheating, deliberate fraud, spreading false information that adversely affects our brand image are strictly prohibited.
  5. It is strictly forbidden to use our brand keywords to create websites, Facebook pages, advertising programmes, etc. that confuse users.
  6. Running of Google AdWords keyword ads (SEM) and Facebook ads with the trademark keyword "accesstrade" or intentionally misspelling the keyword such as "access trade", "acestrade", "assettrade", "acesstrade", etc is strictly prohibited.
  7. Acts of dishonesty or intentional fraud are strictly prohibited. All commissions will be cancelled if ACCESSTRADE finds out.

If a Publisher is detected or suspected of infringement of any of the above regulations and policies, the particular Publisher will be suspended from running the referral programme immediately and all generated referral commissions will be cancelled.

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