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The Virtual Meeting Place for
ACCESSTRADE VALUABLE PARTNERS April 25, 2024 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM (ICT)



It is a global conference of performance
marketers held to promote healthy market growth

The ACCESSTRADE SUMMIT provides networking opportunities for performance marketers
to help them mutually share, learn about, and discover new insights for promoting healthy market growth.
This annual event, which started in 2017, will be held for the fourth time in 2024.
The summit continues to grow as a global conference that brings together merchants, publishers,
and agencies representing Japan and Southeast Asian countries.


The summit creates links among leading merchants, publishers, and agencies active in Southeast Asian countries.

Networking—the prime feature of this event—provides you with not only more opportunities to meet with new partners, but also a number of options that helps you enhance your relationships with existing partners.

Fully leverage these chances to meet with your new and existing partners with great potential!


Gain lots of new insights and skills about performance marketing in Asia from the experts and share knowledge with fellow attendees.

ATSUMMIT provides a lot of interesting content for you through various sessions such as Panel Discussion, Private Networking Session, Guest Keynote Speech and Free Networking Sessions.

Business Opportunities

By networking with leading publishers from various countries, you can create opportunities for international business expansion. Join various sessions that we provide get the opportunity to connect with unlimited number of people.

Those who have attended in previous years commented that ATSUMMIT helped them to produce advertising media that transcends national borders and generate ideas for increasing international presence and help them to learn about the local atmosphere.

Participant Testimonials

  • We want to thank ACCESSTRADE, which planned this event. The event content, location, participants…everything was great!

  • This event was a very good opportunity to meet with merchants and publishers, exchange opinions, and explore cooperative relationships.

  • I think the participants were able to obtain very useful information. In particular, the panel discussion was excellent!

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