We protect your performance and ensure that all your spendings are for real conversion only.

Ad Fraud in Affiliate Marketing

Brand Bidding

Bidding for brand name keywords to show ads on Google search result page without permission.

Click Flooding

A large number of fraudulent clicks generated automatically for chances to be the last-click of a conversion.

Fake Conversion

Fake leads, sales, or actions that are generated by the publisher themselves.

Brand Bidding Protection



Fraud shield will monitor Google search result page and detect brand bidding ads according to the given brand name keyword list.



We will reject their account if any ACCESSTRADE publisher accounts that are found to be violating the rules will be rejected. In addition, violation of rules by other networks will also be reported to you.

Click Flooding Protection



Fraud Shield's firewall will block the click flooding from anonymous traffic source before they go to your website or mobile apps.



Ad fraud method change day by day. We will continue to analyze click anomaly and keep improving.

Fake Conversion Protection



Fraud shield will track all available user device data for fake conversion analysis.



If any ACCESSTRADE publishers generated fake conversions, we will reject their account and the conversions generated from it.